We take your IP into the Metaverse

We make easy accessible NFTs, for mass adoption. We call it Easy Minting.
We bring functionality to NFTs, to enable changes and additions, creating longer lifespan and greater value.

About us

We bring the legacy of IP owners to Web 3.0

At LegacyNext, we work with legacy IP from art, entertainment and sport, for customized NFT’s and other Web 3.0 services and product.

We are blockchain experts, brand builders and investors with track records in media, entertainment, leisure, sports and technology.

Our mix of skills can help you successfully develop and manage your Web 3.0. assets.


For creators

We build NTFs for creators (artists, sports stars, visual artists, brands, celebrities) to monetize their IP. We bring the legacy of IP owners into 3.0, create new business models for them and make them relevant in the virtual economy.

New business

We create NFTs that (1) generate extra revenue for IP holders (2) do not interfere with existing business (3) are creative and new (4) that excite and engage fans (5) attract new fans (6) give you control of your customer data.


We build Creator-2-Fan networks. We target nondigital-native fans with our ultra-low-cost, ultra-lowenergy low NFTs on the Fuse platform. With an easy onboarding process and free wallets. Pay with euro or dollar (or crypto). We call this Easyminting.

Ownership NFTs

We create NFTs for ownership-sharing, royalty-sharing, re-sale of royalties, other revenue-sharing NFTs. Fans can buy into and share in the income from your IP. Ownership NFTs.


We build Engage-To-Earn NFT models: fans can make money from being a fan. NFT sharing and re-sales by fans increases organic marketing and boosts your brand. We can incorporate a re-sale revenue sharing model in our NFTs, so IP owners earn royalties on every resale.

Dynamic NFTs

We bring functionality to NFTs, to enable changes and additions, creating longer lifespan and greater value. NFTs with benefits: Dynamic NFTs with so-called ‘utilities”. They provide creator (and commercial partners) with frequent touchpoints with their NFT holders. The utility can be a reward, a ticket to an event, a membership, exclusive privilege, …


As a creator you want to have control of your IP and your legacy

We bring your IP to the Metaverse.

We ensure you are the owner of your creations and your customer database in Web 3.0.

We develop the NFTs that represent you the best.

We nurture, grow and monetize your digital IP/NFTs.

Easy minting

Easy and safe onboarding for the masses

NFTs have the potential to revolutionize the way IP owners interact with markets. Right now, this interaction is limited to a relatively small group, the so-called ‘digital natives’, mostly existing of collectors & traders.

We developed a new platform for the promotion, minting, selling and distribution of NFTs. We resolve some major issues hampering mass adoption of NFTs. We call it: Easy Minting.

Our ‘EASYMINTING’ tool enables IP-owners to distribute unlimited numbers of NFTs, with very low gas fees and free wallets. Access for customers/buyers/fans is smooth, intuitive and safe, via website. No need for crypto.

Dynamic NFTs


We build functionality in NFTs, so called dynamic NFTs. This type of NFT enables changes and additions to the original digital object, creating longer lifespan and greater value.

You can add new items onto our NFTs, either free or for sale, so-called utilities.

Dynamic NFTs enable you to create a digital community. Once your customers have your NFT, you can start communicating with them. Your reach is 100% (instead of the 10% of an organic Facebook/Instagram post).

You manage and monetize the data instead of FB/Insta controlling all data. You deal directly with your customers, and they deal directly with you.

You can give your business partners and sponsors access to and year-long touchpoints with your community, with exclusive items and special offers.


Now live on Makers Place:
the LegacyNext Bo Diddley NFT drop